I recently had the pleasure of sharing an hour of delightful conversation over tea with Kyle Cease. (And we recorded it to share with YOU!) We discussed a range of topics including the struggles many face while learning to be authentic, the importance of discarding old beliefs and programs, the power of tears, the true nature of money and abundance, and so much more. I knew it was a special conversation, and my feelings were confirmed while reading feedback from those who watched the video of it. Here is one message we received: “This is such a powerful conversation! It feels like an effortless flow of divine love, using language and concepts I can easily understand. I feel so uplifted, inspired, and empowered listening to it! It’s like a catch-all on the topic of heart centered living, for those of us who have been on the spiritual path for awhile now. So refreshing! Thank you both!” I hope it touches you as well.

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