One of the things I’ve noticed, particularly because of the work I do, is that people tend to assume my life is always perfect. They assume that everything is hunky dory for me, all the time. Perhaps you assume this of all self-help teachers who write and speak. In fact, even in my Facebook Live video this week, one of the viewers asked me whether I ever have sad days.

The answer is yes. Absolutely yes. I do have sad days. And frustrating days. And angry days. And also, I have many happy days, wonderfully delightful days, and fun days!

You see, my life is actually not a lot different from yours. My heart breaks into sadness when someone I care about dies, or when I hear about a school shooting. I feel anger when I see someone deliberately being mean, or bullying someone for no reason. I feel protective if someone I love is being attacked or unfairly treated. I feel hurt if someone I know betrays or deceives me or a loved one. I still face challenges, and sometimes fail, and have to pick myself up, and try again.

It’s important to me to let you know that I go through all these emotions and challenges too. Otherwise, every time you have a challenging day, or a sad day, or an angry day, you may wonder why you are still not getting the lesson, and believe that you are doing something wrong. You may judge yourself and beat yourself up, and it’s not deserved. But experiencing the full range of emotions is part of what it means to be human. It’s why we are here.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m not super-human. I’m human. I spent a lifetime trying to be super-human, and it gave me cancer. I’m done with that. It took death for me to learn that it’s more important to just relax and be yourself! 🙃🙂

Please check out the video below for more on this, and also, a really funny cameo appearance by Danny, that you don’t want to miss!! 🤣🤣

In the meantime, have a great week!

Much Love,

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