By the time you receive this newsletter, Danny and I will be sitting on a plane, leaving the US, and heading towards Asia. We’re just in the process of having our visa for the US renewed, and have to leave the country, to have the new visa stamped into our passports – so I decided to take this opportunity to see my mom in India. Despite my life having become so hectic these days, I try and take every opportunity I can to see my mom. It’s going to be a really short visit this time, because in May I’ve been asked to speak all over Europe. Although she’s disappointed that I can’t stay longer, she’s really happy for me, that I’m following my calling. Mothers seem to have this deep understanding that if something is going to make you happy – I mean truly happy, they support you unselfishly and unconditionally so you can do exactly that. Mom, in case you’re reading this, I’m coming back for a longer visit after the summer! ❤️

Whenever we are not traveling, and spending time at home, both Danny and I love to cook. We miss home cooking when we are on the road! We both love food, and experimenting with flavors! Food is such a unifier, and brings people together, which is one of the things we love about it! So for this week’s video, we’d like to invite you into our kitchen, while we cook lunch! This video is a fun one, where you’ll see that Danny’s much better in the kitchen than I am. He’s much more focused! As for me, I had set off the smoke alarm even before the video started!! 😂😂 But we really do have fun!

I also offer my views on nutrition, as it relates to health and answer questions about the upcoming movie and my third book, and we have some laughs while interacting with our virtual assistant “Alexa”,

In addition, I answered questions from viewers that included the following:

*Why do animals choose to come to earth knowing they will be killed and eaten?
*Is nutrition important for healing illness?
*Is drinking wine ok?
*I have a lot of physical discomfort and can’t seem to heal. Help!
*How do you find what is true about you?
*What about suicide and feeling stuck in life?
*Do you meditate?
*Will you be in the UK any time soon?
*Can feelings of fear be a warning to help you avoid something bad?
*As a caregiver, how can I help without losing myself?
*How do I stay stress free about my uncertain financial future?
*What if we get driven by sensual pleasure when making decisions?
*Should I let my husband baptize our baby even though I don’t believe in it?
*Have you thought about staring in your own movie?

See you all next week, at which time I’ll be writing my newsletter from India!

Much Love,

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