As you may know, August 30th is a special day. This is the day that my dear friend and mentor Dr. Wayne Dyer crossed over, in 2015. August 30th is also the day that our dear beautiful Louise Hay transitioned to the other side, last year, in 2017. I am so thankful to each of them for their part in helping share my story with the world. They both gave so much to so many, and they are loved and missed dearly…even though we know that they are always as close as just a thought away. I’m including a photo of Wayne and Louise below. (If you click on the photo of Wayne & Louise you will be taken to the video of Wayne introducing me to the world for the first time on PBS.) Please join me in sending both Wayne and Louise love and appreciation, if they touched your life in any way. ❤️

One way I love honoring Wayne and Louise’s legacy is by continuing to share love, every chance I get, including in the weekly videos I create for you. In the new video below I invited my friend Emmanuel Dagher to join me for a lively and uplifting conversation. Among many other things, we talked about:

  • What we do to deal with stress.
  • The importance of choosing foods based on love of life, rather than a fear of illness.
  • The most powerful facet of true healers and uplifters.
  • Emmanuel shares how he personally healed from scoliosis.
  • Emmanuel also shares some powerful exercises to help heal our money issues.
  • I share my take on the most effective way to benefit from the teachings of others.

I hope you enjoy the new video, and as always, if you’d like to watch past videos, please check out / subscribe to my YouTube channel, here. ❤️

Much Love,

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