I just had a fun and wonderful conversation with my friend Julie Rieger, author of The Ghost Photographer. We talked together for just over an hour, and Danny recorded it so we can share it as a video with you. During our chat Julie gave her take on the gift of profound grief (which she experienced after her beloved Mother crossed over to the other side), and we then went on to have a great discussion about ghosts, spirits, how to develop your psychic abilities, and more! You may see the video of our conversation below. I’ve also included a photo from our lunch date after we shot the video. We ate coconut curry, quinoa, and salad with yoghurt dressing. Just scroll down to see it.

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Much Love, Anita

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I wanted to tell you let you know in advance about a special guest this week on my FaceBook show – Michael Neill. Many of you know him as a fellow author but Michael and I recently did a workshop called Experiencing God. During the workshop we ran out of time so I’ve asked him to join me this week to continue our conversation and as always, we’ll be taking questions from viewers. Come and join us if you can 18th Nov 2018 – 12 noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 8pm GMT https://anitamoorjani.com/facebook

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