Before we get into the video for this week, I’d like to mention that I’ve been developing a series of week long retreats to roll out during 2019. The purpose for these retreats is transformation, healing, and recharging. Being away from your home environment and everyday distractions make it more conducive for you to have transformative experiences, as well as to integrate them to achieve lasting and permanent change. The retreat I’m most excited about is the Alaskan Cruise…

Speaking of fun and excitement, I recently had the pleasure of creating a video conversation with my hilarious friend JP Sears. I have been a fan of JP’s work for years now. I absolutely love the way he uses humor to lighten up the seriousness we sometimes feel on the spiritual journey. In our recent conversation I was impressed by how sensitive, intuitive, sweet, and insightful he is as well. We discussed how humor can sometimes be used as a way to hide our true feelings, and how sarcasm is often used to cause pain (as a way of relieving our own pain). We also discussed the power of humor to heal and transform shadow into light. We have received so much positive feedback about this conversation, that I knew I had to share it here with you. Please find the video and audio podcast version of the conversation below.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you’d like to watch more videos I’ve made, on a variety of topics, please check out my YouTube channel here: Anita on YouTube

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