I am so thankful that my message of self love and authenticity has reached as far as it has. In response to my books and videos I receive hundreds of emails and social media comments each week! Many ask questions, and although I have already answered almost every question I get asked in my books Dying To Be Me and What if This is Heaven? I love making the weekly videos to answer again, or in a new way that may be easier for some to resonate with. There are a handful of questions that I am most commonly asked, and this week I took some time to answer a few of these. I share my answer to the question “How do you deal with skeptics and debunkers?”. I also get into the question “Anita, what are your views on cancer?”, sharing my views on how illnesses get created, why children get ill, and how I view those who have crossed over to the other side as a result of illness. (Spoiler alert: They haven’t “failed” or “lost” any battle.) I share my thoughts about cancer research, cancer awareness, fear of cancer, and the difference that a shift of focus to wellness awareness, and love of life would make for this world. I go on to share my vision for the most beneficial way to treat illnesses, in Healing Sanctuaries.

You may watch the video below, and as always, if you’d like to see more videos, please check out my YouTube channel.

Much Love,
Anita ❤️❤️

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