As you know, I often encourage you to do what makes you happy, as that is one way of loving yourself. And I would never ask you to do something that I myself don’t do! There are many things that help me feel nurtured and happy. Sometimes it is time alone spent in nature. Often is it listening to beautiful uplifting music. Other times it is treating myself to a good massage. The other day, it was inviting my team to my home for an afternoon tea party! It is so nice to spend time with people who are loving and supportive, and we wanted to share some of the fun with you, so we made a video during the get-together! You may see it below. In the video, in addition to introducing you to the team, I explain why loving yourself is not selfish at all, and I illustrate why it is actually the kindest and most loving thing you can do to benefit all those around you. I also reply to viewer’s questions and comments such as:

*When does loving yourself become too much, or selfish?
*When you came back from your NDE was your pain gone immediately?
*I react judgmentally to others being unkind
*What is the difference between a soul and a spirit?
*How do we avoid transferring our sadness to others while grieving a traumatic event?
*How can we help kids whose parents drain their energy?
*How can I help someone to find their authentic nature and to love themselves?
*What if a psychic’s prediction scares us?
*How can I help my friend who has cancer?

I hope you enjoy the video below, and if you would like to watch some of my previous videos, please check out my YouTube Channel, HERE.

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