This weeks video addresses a very common theme that seems to come up often around the topic of self love. I get asked on a regular basis: “Won’t loving myself make me self indulgent?”, and I want to shout my answer from the rooftops. (Ha, ha!) Instead of doing that, I made the video, below, for anyone who is interested in the subject. In the video I also answer questions from viewers such as:

What does it mean to love myself?
How do I love myself more?
How can I work on forgiving myself?
What is your spiritual practice to nurture yourself?
How do I awaken the guru within me?
What does it mean to be yourself?
Is the purpose of life really to experience joy?
How do you find out what message minor illnesses are sending you?

(Side note: the “wearable quote” shirt I am wearing may be seen here: 😊)

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Speaking of the purpose of life is to experience joy, I AM SO EXCITED to share with you that I will be doing an Alaskan Cruise next June! If you were at my last cruise in March, you would know how much fun we had. If we are trying to initiate deep changes into our lives, it’s more effective to be away from our home environment for an extended period of time, for true transformation to take place. And if we are able to be in a high energy environment, that’s even more powerful! The cruise ship will leave out of Seattle on June 2, 2019, and we will be at sea for 7 days, conducting workshops and meditations while sailing through the glaciers of Alaska! Please click here for more information, and join me if you are able to!

Much Love,

P.S.There is still time to enjoy the free healing interviews offered through the HEAL summit. It ends soon, so please check it out HERE. Enjoy!

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