As I was sitting down to gather my thoughts to write this weeks newsletter, I realized that it was 2 years ago today our dear friend and teacher Dr Wayne Dyer made his transition to the other realm. (8-30-2015) I feel extremely blessed to have known him for the last 4 years of his life, because those years changed the trajectory of my path completely. I have him to thank for what I do today, and for bringing you into my life.

Wayne was someone who was larger than life. In other words, he had a very big presence, people couldn’t hep but notice when he walked into a room, and people listened when he spoke. I actually believe that by the time he transitioned, he had “outgrown” life. It was as though his spirit knew that he had reached the limits of what he can do from the physical plane, and now it was time to expand into the spiritual, where he can experience limitlessness, and reach so many more! 

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t notice some kind of sign of his presence, whether it’s a white feather placed in an unusual spot; the appearance of rainbows when I need a sign; or, going to a city for a speaking engagement and checking into a random room at a hotel, only to be told by the event organizers that Wayne used to book that very room every single time he visited that city!

I continue to hear from his beautiful family the ways in which he magically presents himself in their lives, as he watches over them. And I also receive stories from so many of his followers who have been moved and touched by him, as they continue to sense his presence and see signs. Some of them receive messages that help guide their creative processes, as he reminds them not to die with their music still inside them!

I still remember the day, back in 2011, like it was yesterday, when Wayne told me about the day he discovered the story of my near death experience and subsequent healing from cancer, which was on the internet. He said that after reading about my experience, he wanted to contact me, but it took him five months to track me down! But he was determined, because he wanted the whole world to hear my story first hand. And that was how the book “Dying To Be Me” came into being.

I have so much to thank Wayne for, but the best I can do is to pay it forward. As I continue to follow my calling and share my message through my writings and my videos, I urge you to also follow yours, and don’t die with your music still inside you! We have included a video below, taken from Wayne’s PBS special where he introduced me to the world. I hope you enjoy it!

Much Love,

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