If you’ve read my books “Dying To Be Me“, and “What if This is Heaven?” you know about my beautiful husband Danny. You also may have heard his voice, and seen his cameos on my weekly videos. We have received so many requests to have Danny join my show and share his story. He was hesitant at first, but, he has finally joined me in front of the camera! The video has us sharing several laughs and light moments, but it also gets intimate and emotional as we discuss several moving topics. We discuss how we were each bullied and considered misfits in our community, the possibility of a support group for caretakers, the foundation of our relationship, soulmates, destiny, and more. We also share a few rare family photos, including some of our wedding, that we haven’t shared publicly before.

We also answer questions such as:
*Are people who treated me unkindly going to be the same on the other side?
*How does Danny keep his energy up, not having had an NDE himself?
* I’ve been told that I intimidate men, as a powerful woman. How should I deal with this?
* How did Danny take care of Anita for all those years, without getting tired?
* Did you know that you were soulmates right away?
* What is your advice for finding a life partner?
* Danny, what words of wisdom do you have for others who are caring for an ill loved one?

I hope you enjoy it, and as always, if you’d like to watch past videos, please check out/subscribe to my YouTube channel, here. ❤️

Much Love,

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