Have you ever been hurt by other people’s actions? Even by close friends or family members? Have you struggled to forgive them, striving for unconditional love? I have noticed that many sensitive souls, and empaths, try so hard to be spiritual in their application of forgiveness, and then judge themselves very harshly if they are unable to forgive easily. I address this issue in the new video below. In the video I speak about the most important first step in forgiveness, and proceed to describe a three step process for self love and forgiveness. I also share my mantra for keeping focused on love & high energy in all interactions. I then go on to answer questions from viewers such as:

*When others trigger me, is it a sign that I need to heal myself more?
*How can I disengage from the negativity caused by friends and family?
*Does meditation help recharge our batteries?
*How can I stop myself from feeling other’s feelings?
*What can I do to end a lack of money?

(Side note: the portable quotes I mention in the video may be seen here: teespring.com/stores/anita-moorjani 😊)

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