Can you believe that it’s only a few days away from the end of the year? Doesn’t it seem like the last few months have rushed by really quickly? Even though I’ve loved everything we’ve done together this year, I am excited about 2019 because I’ll be conducting some deeply immersive and highly experiential retreats and workshops.

I often get letters from people asking how they can have their own transformative experience. That say – it’s one thing to hear about mine, but they want to experience their own transformation. I believe that a life transformation of this magnitude would have to take place away from your home environment, in a safe arena with like-minded people. So, that’s exactly what I decided my workshops and retreats were going to be for 2019.

Away from your home environment and close-up with nature,
together with other like-minded people.

The intention of the retreat is to create deep transformational experiences, using meditation, sound healing therapy, and visualizations. The advantage of being away from our home environment for a period of time means we get to integrate the experience in a safe environment among like-minded people, before returning to our familiar surroundings.

The most intensive of my 2019 retreats will be on a ship out in the open waters off the coast of Alaska and under the open sky in June 2019. Can you imagine how amazing that one will be……….. For the Alaska workshop the “music” for the sound therapy will be performed live by my friend and gifted healer Jeralyn Glass. Please click here for more details of my Alaskan retreat.

I’ll also be doing one-day workshops in the UK and in Basel – and for a limited time, we have a discount code for the UK workshop!

Some of the other events in 2019 are going to be in Scotts Valley, Los Angeles, Virginia Beach, Rhinebeck and New Mexico.

Now on to this week’s video – this week, I talk about a provocative topic – money! In spiritual circles, this topic gets a strong (often negative) reaction, and I too tend to avoid talking about it because of the reaction. But this week, I decided to tackle the subject, because I receive letters from people frequently who say they are struggling financially. Those who are gifted healers and spiritual teachers tend to struggle with finances the most, yet it’s a topic that most in these circles avoid talking about – so it ends up being the elephant in the room.

One thing in common with most of those who write to me is that they are either empaths, or super sensitive people! Our world can often seem ill-suited for the most sensitive among us, so I have addressed that too in the video.

None of my videos would be complete without a take-away. In this one though, I have 6 take-aways for you. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope to see you at one of my retreats next year!

Much Love,
Anita ❤️❤️

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