Last week, I was on a Caribbean cruise, co-presenting a 7-day workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza. It was a wonderful event, made even better by the surroundings! Click here if you’d like to see photos!

One of the highlights for me was conducting a sunrise meditation out in the middle of the ocean. When we started the meditation out on the deck just before 6:00 am, it was still dark. We closed our eyes, and then 30 minutes later, after a guided meditation with visualization, when we opened our eyes, the sun was just coming up over the horizon The theme of the meditation was to heal ourselves, in order to heal the world. The significance of doing it at sunrise was to symbolize leaving the dark night behind, and entering into the light. Being out in the ocean under open skies seemed to magnify the intensity we felt within, and also, seemed to amplify the connection with each other, and the planet.

On the first day that we presented, I spoke about the importance of receiving. I mentioned to the audience that many of us, especially those who are attracted to the kind of work Dr. Joe and I do, are great at giving, but are not that good at receiving. Do you identify with being a giver and a rescuer? In other words, do you jump in and recue people, whether they ask for it or not? Do you help people even when they don’t need it? Do you then find yourself entangled in other people’s dramas? For so many of you, it’s easy to be there for everyone else, except yourself, and to give of yourself, until you get drained. So I reminded everyone to learn to receive, and to actually make time for themselves, and spend the next seven days allowing themselves to get into a habit of receiving! I mean, where better to learn to receive than on a cruise, where we are living in abundance, and everything is taken care of for us?

If you identify with being a rescuer, or someone who doesn’t know how to receive, try spending a week focusing on recharging your batteries. Make it a priority, above trying to rescue everyone else. It’ll do you a world of good, and you’ll notice all kinds of great things coming to you in your life, once your “receiving channels” are open. Kick start the process by doing at least one, if not two things a day that increases your energy, whether it’s spending time with fun friends over a good meal, or with family, or soaking in a tub, or watching that movie you haven’t had time to watch; basically, whatever floats your boat! 😉

I had my turn to receive when the cat was let out of the bag on Friday that it was my birthday! Here is a little video of Dr. Joe announcing my birthday to the audience, during the event.

I am so grateful for the outpouring of love I have received, not only on the cruise, but also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, on my birthday! So thank you, everyone who has sent me your love and wishes! I was truly touched and moved by the messages!

I’d like to share with you a Facebook Live video I did two weeks ago, where I speak about being an empath. I normally don’t like to use labels to describe myself or others, because I feel labels limit us. We are far greater than any label. However, when I started reading about the qualities of empaths, I recognized myself, and I also recognized many of you, my audience, and those who are attracted to my work! As long as we don’t lock ourselves into our labels, and just treat it as information that helps us to understand our qualities and traits, then it can be both helpful and powerful.

In this video, I also respond to viewers’ questions and comments, such as:

• Can you speak about naysayers?
• I am empathic but I also feel cold and detached
• My young nephew is an empath, and he struggles with sadness. How can we support him?
• Is being an empath a strength or a weakness?

If you are on Facebook, please join me on Sunday at 11:00 am Pacific Time, when I’ll be doing another live video. When you tune in live, you can post your questions in the comments, and I’ll try and answer as many as possible!

If you would like to come and see me at a live event, please check out my speaking schedule here, to see where I’ll be next. I’ll be visiting Europe in May, conducting speaking events in Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Paris, and UK, and would love to see you!

Until next time, stay happy and blessed!

Much love,

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