It always feels really good to come home after being away, and I look forward to connecting with you through my videos. I’ve noticed that whenever I’m away from my work for a period of time, I get fresh insights, and one of the insights that kept coming up for me during this trip was the message for me to be bolder in my sharing. Over the last few weeks, I kept hearing a voice inside my head that said “It’s safe for you to be bolder and more fearless in sharing what you know and believe.”

You see, there’s still a lot that I haven’t shared, but because my story also attracts medical attention, I find myself being cautious, as the medical paradigm can be a force to be reckoned with. Because of my own personal experience with cancer and healing, much of what I believe about illnesses goes against our current medical model. However, I have noticed that when someone is bold enough to speak out about alternative ways to look at illnesses, they tend to get labelled as “woo woo” or “quacks”.

In the new video below, I touch on these points, and I also share my thoughts on what it means to be a six-sensory being.

We have been taught that we only have five senses, and that when we intuitively just know something it is only our imagination. We’re taught not to trust our sixth sense. We live in a world that does not support having a sixth sense, and that can be confusing. In this week’s video I share an analogy that helps you understand and embrace your sixth sense. I also give tips for anyone wanting to live more authentically and intuitively. I speak about the importance and power of your imagination, and I also answer viewer’s questions such as:

Is the key to healing raising one’s life force energy?
How can we wake up our dormant sixth sense?
How do we choose a good healer or teacher?
Any advice for someone who feels like a constant failure?

I hope you enjoy the video, and if it moves you, feel free to share it with your tribe!

Much Love,

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