This weeks newsletter originally started out being way ahead of schedule. I was writing it on Tuesday morning in India as I was watching the sun starting to shine through the trees just outside the window at my mom’s house. Often, when I’m contemplating writing a newsletter or blog, I think of all of you, across the world, and what you are doing right now, as I write. Across all of Europe it was still the middle of the night (what my husband refers to as “oh my god o’clock”) and in the US, some of my friends would just be sitting down to dinner. Isn’t it amazing that the same instant in time could be so different depending on where you are. This was also the day that I was leaving India to head to Hong Kong. There was a lot to do that day – including pack!

All of a sudden, one of those notifications popped up on my phone that SCREAMED “Oprah Winfrey wins Cecil B DeMille Award at Golden Globe Awards and delivers a moving speech.” I clicked on the notification and, and it took me to a video of her speech. I clicked it, and watched, and listened.

You see, for many years I’d loved watching Oprah’s daily show on TV when I was back in Hong Kong and had hoped to meet her someday. She was one of the first women I admired, for all the social changes she was making in the world. She always used her voice for positive change, and has been, for a very long time, a great role model for many young women in the world.

The video of her speech was followed by a video of a backstage “Q&A” and she said something that resonated with every cell of my body. She was addressing a young film maker and said “Tell the stories that you not just yearn to tell, but if you don’t tell them, they won’t get told.”

This statement resonated with me deeply, because I believe that’s what I’ve been trying to do, and it’s actually not always easy. If you are anything like me (a recovering people-pleaser), and if you are not careful, as a public speaker and author, you find yourself falling into the trap of pandering to the critics, instead of saying what truly needs to be heard.

When I do events, especially the live events, I love the Q&A part because that means I get to meet you in person! If you’re coming to the Gwyneth Paltrow “goop” event in New York (it’s such an honor to be invited to speak there, by the way) at the end of this month or the cruise with me on in March, I’d love to hear your questions during the Q&A. The bigger and more challenging the questions the better, because I get to dig deeper into my own life’s experiences to answer them.

I’m not sure if you know but every week I do a FaceBook LIVE where I try to answer a “big” question, from the ones I receive via email.

Last week the question I answered was: “If you didn’t love yourself, and you were always focused on fearful thoughts before your near-death experience, how did you find the love of your life, your wonderful husband Danny, back then?” In answer to this, I told the story of what my relationships were like before meeting Danny and also share the one key experience that changed the way I looked at men and the possibilities in relationships.

In most of my FaceBook LIVEs there is usually enough time for me to answer some questions that people post right there in the comments section. This time because the internet was a bit unstable we had to cut the “show” short but I did get the chance to explain a little more about:

  • what it was like in the early years of our relationship before I understood the ultimate truth of unconditional love
  • my account of what changed for us after my NDE
  • my advice for anyone looking for an exceptional life partner

The video is below or, if you prefer, you can download and listen to the podcast by clicking on the links.

Much Love,

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