This last week has been a lot of fun and, and also a whirlwind week for me! The movie of my story is finally being made! It will be adapted from my first book, Dying To Be Me, and I have been working with the script writer this week. I’m incredibly happy with how respectful the producers have been with keeping my story authentic. The challenge has been in dramatizing some of the scenes that are so hard to describe, such as, being on the other side. There are no words to describe some of those scenes, but script writers are very creative, so it’s going to be so interesting adapting my experience into a screenplay. I’m excited, and my aim is to get some of my key messages across, such as, we are far more powerful than we have been led to believe; love transcends fear; illness is more than just a physical phenomena; and one of the biggest messages that I want to get out there is that experiences like these can and do happen! We have to stop dismissing them, just because they are not easily explicable, and work to understand them instead. Once we as a culture can embrace and value such experience, more people will come out and share their own out of the ordinary experiences.

We still have no idea who will play the lead roles in the movie, but my vote is for Archie Panjabi and Dev Patel! I just love them both, and would be honored if they played Danny and myself. So just putting it out there…. 😉

Also during the course of last week, I was really pleased to be interviewed by Maria Menounos. It was a deep, personal, and moving conversation, and I really want to share it with you HERE.

The entire conversation goes on for over an hour and a half. Along with speaking about the importance of love, and having fun, we discuss:

  • The major role that the act of being able to receive plays in learning to feel worthy;
  • The importance of living your life from a place of love and joy;
  • How illness is truly a wake up call.

I also offer tips on how to love yourself, and I share the biggest truth that people still have a hard time understanding when it comes to healing.

By the way, I’m looking forward to traveling to the UK and Europe next month, to present some of my new workshops. It would be wonderful to see you there!

Until next week, have a wonderful week! Stay joyful and have fun!

Much Love,


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