The word “God” brings up a variety of emotions for different people. There is a lot of baggage attached to that word, and to the idea of who or what God is. This week I’d like to share the video where Michael Neill and I have a conversation about God, the metaphysical, empaths, and more. We discuss what the word “God” means to us, and what it doesn’t mean. We share what experiencing God feels like, and then continue on to discuss the role of ego, humility, the interconnectedness of all life, fear based living verses living in oneness, and so much more. You may view the video below.

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And Happy Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate it! May it be filled with Fun, Gratitude and …….. at least an extra slice of pie! 😀

Much Love,

PS: If you’d like more information about the program Michael and I talk about during the video, click HERE.

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