June 2, 2019 – June 9, 2019

Ahoy There!

If you were part of the last cruise, you’ll know just how much fun we had! I’ve been itching to do another one since, and Alaska has been on my bucket list for a long time. So I thought, what are we waiting for?

I have heard that Alaska’s beauty is unbridled, so I plan to make this trip an unforgettable one, for you and for me! We are heading to the most fabulous ports of call that encompass all that Alaska has to offer. Wouldn’t it be fun to experience the massive tidewater glaciers and encounter iconic wildlife in this untamed, immense and magnificent Great Land? It’s known to be a place of astonishing splendor, where glaciers loom over the sea like towers of blue ice, and migrating whales can be spotted! What better setting can we ask for as we embark on not only an outer adventure, but an inner one, too!

During this 7-day cruise, I will offer over 14 hours of new teachings and meditations, designed to take you deeper into the mysteries of life and healing than ever before. I plan to unveil some of my newest work in my ever-evolving repertoire, and take you on an internal journey that will illuminate some of the mysteries behind transformational experiences and healing, making them more accessible for you. We will have 7 glorious days together, immersed in breath-taking nature, magnificent beauty, music and meditation. Imagine doing all of this with like-minded souls! Being away from your usual environment will make it so much easier for you to integrate your transformational experiences, to attain lasting and permanent change.

On board Holland America’s beautiful ms Oosterdam, you’ll enjoy all of the amenities offered on this stellar vessel. We have fun group activities planned for us, including entertaining evening gatherings and a cocktail party or two for our group to mingle, dance and enjoy each other on this fantastic voyage!

So mark your calendar and bring your cameras for the majestic views you won’t want to miss — PLUS a selfie or two — while crossing Alaska off your bucket list!

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