June 2, 2018 – June 2, 2018
Bristol, UK

In this workshop, Anita will share new material that she has never talked about before. She will divulge the missing element to healing, and take you on an immersive journey through a deep guided meditation that she has created, in which you can experience life-altering insights.

Join Anita for a powerful one-day workshop, in which you’ll experience deep insight and self-realisation, ultimately guiding you to discover the person you are meant to be and your place in the Universe.

Through a combination of teaching, meditation and reflection, Anita will help you to better understand yourself and realise your true purpose in life. It sounds deceptively simple but this path often begins with learning, or remembering, how to unconditionally love yourself and understand your value in order to know your true purpose.

Anita has a unique way of teaching, full of humour and compassion along with the divine wisdom gained from her near death experience. She will create a welcoming space where you can join with like-minded friends on a journey to cultivate a deeper connection to your higher self and truly define your purpose.

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