I often hear people say things like: “I know what you say is true, that the universe loves me unconditionally, and that life is supposed to be fun, but I get so lost sometimes, and I feel stuck in dealing with the discomfort of every day life…what can I do to change this?” Have you ever felt like that? It seems that many have, and I want to share a recent insight I’ve had that helps explain how to recognize what drains you, how to recognize what uplifts you, and what to do to maximize the uplifting energy every day. I made a video the other day for this purpose.

In the first part of the video I share the tools to help keep your energy uplifted even while dealing with every day life. I then go on to answer questions such as:

*How can we communicate with our bodies to discover why we are having certain symptoms?
*If everything is happeneing as it is meant to be, do we even have free will to improve ourselves?
*When people get an illness and cross over, is it because they were out of alignment, or is there another reason?
*How can I tap into guidance from the other realm?
*How can I deal with bullies at work?

I hope you enjoy the video below, and if you want to watch some of my previous videos, please check out my YouTube Channel, HERE.

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