First of all, to those who missed me while I took a break from sending newsletters: Thank you for the love! I am so happy to be back this week! Thank you for being here.

Danny and I just returned from my Spring speaking tour. It was lovely to meet so many of you, from all over the world. Please check out the photos of some of the highlights on my Facebook page HERE. It really warms my heart to see that people have benefited from the message I share: LOVE yourself like your life depends on it! In Croatia, I was excited to see copies of my children’s book, “Love; A Story About Who You Truly Are” published in Croatian! They are the first to publish that book in a foreign language!

Even though I love traveling, I also love being home! It gives me a chance to write, and create videos. One of the ways I love to share with you is by doing the Facebook Live videos to discuss specific topics that I receive a lot of questions about, and to answer questions from live viewers. In the video below I discuss what it means to be an empath, how to nurture yourself, and why being sensitive is a powerful thing. I also share my personal experience as an empath, and as a recovering people pleaser. This video helps you learn to take your power back, and to give up being a doormat. (Something I am still working on! Can you relate?)

I also answer questions such as:

*What is the difference between defending yourself, and forgiving in an abusive situation?
*What if saying no strains my friendships?
*How can I deal with people who say and do things intentionally to push my buttons?
*What if you’re in a relationship with an energy vampire?

I hope you enjoy the video below, and if you want to watch some of my previous videos, please check out my YouTube Channel, HERE.

Much Love,

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