You may have noticed that I am passionate about sharing all I know as a means to help others uplift themselves, and live more fulfilling lives. That’s why I was really honored to be part of the Heal documentary, but they shot a lot more footage than what was shown in the film. I am so happy to tell you that they are making hours of footage that didn’t make it into the film available free in the new “HEAL summit“! You may check it out HERE. 🙂

Hearing feedback from thousands who have made miraculous changes in their lives after hearing the message of love and compassion for oneself is part of the fuel that keeps me going. Occasionally I hear from someone who is annoyed by the message of “Love yourself, know you are magnificent, and do what makes your heart sing!” The new video below was inspired by some such feedback. I was inspired to share more tools to help those who may feel stuck, or unsatisfied with where their life is at the moment.

In this video I share a little bit about my past, including financial difficulties, and that I was bullied as a child. (I share those experiences in more detail and depth in my book “What if This is Heaven?“) I then share tools to help you start from wherever you are to build a better life for yourself.

I also answer questions such as:

*How can I choose spiritual growth when I just found out that my cancer has returned?
*How is your movie coming along?
*How can I get my 12 year old daughter to love herself?
*How can I let go of the pain caused by an abusive mother?
*Will you be releasing more children’s books?
*How can we trust that the love of the universe will guide us when making life choices?

I hope you enjoy the video below, and if you would like to watch some of my previous videos, please check out my YouTube Channel, HERE. 🙂


Much Love,

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