Before we get into the content of my video, I just wanted to say that I’m excited to be rolling out the first of my new intensive retreats on February 3, 2019, in Scotts Valley, Northern California, which is in just a couple of weeks. February 3 just happens to be my “re-birthday”, so it seemed like an auspicious date to roll this out. This will be the first of my longer retreats, and will run from Sunday to Friday, and during that time, we will be doing some deep meditations, healing work, journaling, as well as taking you on a meditation journey through your own simulated near-death experience, to see what insights show up for you. We have a lot more information on this retreat here, and it would be wonderful to see you there if you are able to come! 🙂

In this weeks video, I share more details about my near death experience, including an analogy for what it’s like when we are dealing with what seems to be endless problems in life. I speak about the importance of always choosing from a place of LOVE rather than fear.

I also answer questions such as:

  • Has the memory of your NDE started to fade since so many years have passed, or is it still vivid?
  • Since you only had one NDE, how are you able to continue talking and writing about it, and continue sharing new insights?
  • How can I totally change my life, even while I’m in so much pain?
  • Tell us something that you haven’t shared before from your NDE? (This one gets good!)
  • What can we do to improve our perception of life force energy?
  • How did your marriage change after your NDE? Did your husband come along with the new you?
  • Can you still access that NDE space any time you want?

I end the video with exciting news about a musical meditative journey that I have created with Barry Goldstein that actually helps take you through a life changing NDE!

You may watch the video below, and as always, if you’d like to see more videos, please check out my YouTube channel.

Also, I want to take this opportunity to mention that I am rolling out a brand-new style of event throughout this year, which is much more immersive and experiential. The content is all new, so even if you have been to my events before, these new events go deeper. I will be speaking at various locations, including Northern California, UK, Switzerland, as well as a cruise ship to Alaska! If you are able to, please join me! More details here.

Much Love,
Anita ❤️❤️

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