IMPORTANT: Although Anita is extremely grateful for every single letter she receives, please note that due to the large volume of mail that comes in each day, it is not possible for her to reply personally to every writer.


If you would like to send Anita an email, our address is: [email protected]

For all media queries, our address is: [email protected]

To invite Anita to present or speak at your event, our address is: [email protected]

As we are not event organizers ourselves, please note that we only work with experienced event organizers who have an established track record.

Anita sincerely wishes all new authors well, however, due to the sheer volume of manuscripts and books she receives, she is unable to endorse unsolicited manuscripts, nor read all the books that are sent to her.
We sincerely appreciate your understanding.
If you would like to contact us by post, please use the following address:
Anita Moorjani
318 Avenue I
Redondo Beach, CA 90277


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