Before we get into the new video this week, I wanted to mention that I will be speaking at the fun and life-changing event “Celebrate Your Life” in Arizona on November 2-5th. It’s three days of immersive keynotes and workshop sessions with some of the top spiritual teachers around. Click here to find out more and, be sure to tune in to my FaceBook video conversation with Liz Dawn, the creator of Celebrate Your Life, tonight (September 6th, 2018) at 9pm Pacific time where we will share more information about the event.

Now on to the video I created for you this week. I often receive emails from those who fear illness, so in this video I speak about how to transcend that fear and feel more empowered. I go into detail, sharing tips, questions, and practices to help shift your focus from fear to LOVE, and ultimately, help you transform your life into the gift it is meant to be. I share a six step checklist to help you on your journey, and I also answer questions from the viewers such as:

  • Is it true that everything we desire has already happened?
  • Do any oncologists embrace the understanding that cancer begins in our consciousness?
  • How can I determine what my true calling is?

Much Love,

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