Testimonial – Dr. Kenneth Ring

Dr. Kenneth Ring, NDE researcher and author of several books including the best seller “Lessons from the Light”

I have been researching and writing about near-death experiences (NDEs) since 1977. During that time, I have personally interviewed or talked extensively with hundreds of near-death experiencers and have dozens of autobiographical accounts of such persons in my own library. I have also written a number of books on NDEs and scores of articles on the subject. In addition, I have had the pleasure, and indeed the privilege, of spending several hours with the author, Anita Moorjani, of the book under review here. So I think I know something about the subject of NDEs.

That said, I am prepared to say that Dying to be Me is perhaps the most compelling, insightful and deeply moving rendering of an NDE I have encountered over the past 35 years. It is a book that not only tells an incredibly gripping story of an NDE and the healing from a disease that seemed destined to be fatal, but one that also offers a great deal of spiritual and practical wisdom that the author derived from her experience during her otherworldly sojourn.

I haven’t read any of the hundreds or so reviews of this book (though I noticed that they are overwhelmingly of the 5-star variety), but I’m sure many of them must already inform the reader of the book’s contents. I have no need to be redundant on that score here, but for the record, Moorjani, a woman of Indian heritage, grew up in the multi-cultural setting of Hong Kong, eventually contracted cancer, suffered with it for four years and by February, 2006, was taken to a hospital and given no chance to survive the night.

However, when she was on the brink of death, she had an extraordinarily powerful NDE, which she recounts with impressive articulateness, and knew in the moment of her experience that she would be healed. Indeed, that she would be completely cured. As in fact she was, to the stupefaction of her oncologists. (All is this documented in the book.) Her life has not been the same since.