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Today, I wanted to touch on the topic of living in fear, and believing that we have no control over our reality.

After my near-death experience, my view of reality changed radically. It became clear to me that the paradigm I had been living up until that point was a fear-based one where I had spent my life reacting to external events  events which I believed I had no control over.

When you believe that your life is controlled by your fate, your government, your skin color, gender or race, you feel helpless because you have no control over these things. Experiencing death liberated me from these limitations and led me to the realization that I am not just a three-dimensional being locked in this time and space. None of us are. We have just been conditioned to believe that we are. I realized that we are mystical beings, far more powerful than we have been led to believe. I realized that in actuality, the physical life we have created is a projection of our inner world, and not the other way around. Growing up, I had been led to believe that the outer world controls our inner world  that is, the outer world is real, and so we react to everything happening in the outer world. I thought that if we don’t like whats happening in the outer world, then our inner world gets messed up and we stress our self out trying to change what we don’t like. Death taught me that in fact, it’s the other way around. So now, instead of an outside in view of life, I have an inside out view of life. This means I only have to take care of my inner state; my emotional state. As long as I do that, the outer world I move through will take care of itself. I don’t have to stress about it. It doesn’t mean that I put my head in the sand and deny things that are happening in the world. But what it does mean is that I’m in a much better state emotionally and mentally to be able handle things, and more importantly, to be a constructive catalyst for change.

I’ve actually written and spoken about this in greater detail in both my books (“Dying to Be Me” and “What if This is Heaven?“), and also during my many interviews, videos and radio shows! You may find all my past interviews, radio show archives, and videos, right here on my new website. Please feel free to explore!

As I was organizing my old interviews to upload onto my website, I came across this one that I did about 4 years ago, which I’d like to share with you below. It’s a long one, over an hour, but it’s one of my favorites. It’s called Buddha At the Gas Pump, with Rick Archer.

Rick asked me some fabulous questions, which addressed what I said above, as well as the following topics:

* Why I believe I got cancer, and what I believe caused my body to heal;
* My views on religion and God;
* My views on fear, and consciously moving to a place of love;
* Our purpose here;
* Our perception of time;
* Taking our power back

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I’m so excited to let you know that I’ll be doing a cruise with Joe Dispenza in March of next year, and we’d love for you to join us!

I’ll be unveiling some new immersive meditations and workshops, and Joe will be sharing his cutting edge tools. Since we will have more time together than my usual workshops, it will be a much more immersive experience. Not to mention that it’ll just be plain fun going island hopping and touring in the Caribbean! Please check out the video below, and also more details here!

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